Tuesday, December 04, 2007


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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Chelsea Charms

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Kinky blonde twins do live cam shows

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Thursday, July 20, 2006


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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


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Monday, May 15, 2006


Double penetration of a hot blonde (double banging)

These two lucky guys picked up a nymphomaniac blonde in a local pub and took her back to their place. Before you knew it, she had both their cocks out and was blowing them like there was no tomorrow. The two guys couldn't believe their luck, nor could they believe how well this little minx could suck a cock, taking it all the way into her little mouth and throat.

Soon she was begging to have her cunt and ass filled with cock, riding these poles for all she was worth before asking to have BOTH COCKS IN HER PUSSY AT THE SAME TIME.

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Friday, April 28, 2006


Very Kinky couple

The end of the evening begins just like this.
We've been in a nightclub for several hours, joking, flirting and drinking just enough to go to the edge of almost knowing what's to come.
Finally, you whisper in my ear "let's get out of here" and it's music to my ears.

In the cab ride to my hotel, we're chatting somewhat nervously, but with a heavy feeling of anticipation. The driver is paid and you say nothing to me but "thank you" for opening the door to the hotel as we make our way to the elevator. I open the room and we enter, immediately embracing in a deep and passionate kiss all the while fumbling with buttons, snaps, and zippers. The sound of snapping and un-zipping excites me further and my hands (way ahead of me) are already grabbing your ass and exploring your more private areas.

You tell me you'd like to shower with me and play some games in the bathroom. I cannot believe my ears as this is exactly the sort of naughty play I had in mind. Your hand brushes against my stiff cock as you lead me to the bathroom. We strip to nothing and enter the over-sized shower where we continue our passionate kiss, our hands all the while exploring. Suddenly you drop to your knees and take my stiff cock in your mouth, riding the shaft with your lips, up and down. You alternate with your little hands while your tongue licks the underside. You look up and tell me how beautiful my cock is and that you could caress it with your mouth all night long.

As luck would have it, there is a ledge at the back of the shower, so I lift you and sit you down on it. I kneel and start to tongue and lick your pussy. The smell is incredible and I take it all in. I massage your entire cunt with my lips and cheeks and nibble and suck on your stiffened clit. I suddenly notice your belly pressure up and realize what is about to happen. Now you're peeing a clear jet onto my chin and chest. I put my tonge into the stream and look up at the naughty expression on your face. You keep going and I continue to eat your pussy. You stop the golden stream and tell me you need to save a little for later, but could I return the favor?

I'm so overcome with passion that I mash my face onto yours in a kiss more passionate than before. While we're kissing, you're pulling on my cock and I'm struggling to give you that same Midas touch you just shared with me. I manage a weak stream and you drop down and aim it at your tits, looking up at me saying, "oh baby that's so hot... piss on my tits...". You pass your tongue into the end of the stream and rise to kiss me, a salt-sexy taste still lingering on both of our lips.

Now my cock is hard as ever and we step out of the shower. I bend you over the sink where you have a wonderful view of yourself and me behind you. I drop and lick your pink pussy lips, allowing my tongue to pass over your ass as I stand up. I penetrate you slow, just the head at first and your back arches slightly, then more as my swollen cock finds the depths of your wet cunt. You look at me in the mirror and say, "Fuck me baby. Fuck me with that beautiful cock..." The strokes feel better all the time, and our rhythm is electrifying with your sweet ass pushing back on me. I watch in amazement as you first clench your teeth, then open your mouth in and "O" as you cum, your wet pussy contracting on my cock the entire time.

We dash for the bed and now I ask you, "sit on my face". Your bad-girl expression lets me know that this is something you love to do. So I lay down on my back and you position your pussy directly onto my waiting mouth. From this position, I can put my entire tongue up inside of you. I swirl it around inside, enjoying the taste and scent of you. While I am enjoying myself, you reach around and gently stroke my rock hard cock. Then I notice that pressure on your stomach again. You lift your hips slightly off my face and squirt. It's like you're doing Kegel exercises and you squirt your lovely pee onto my face, cheeks, tongue and chin several times. Then without warning you lift higher and drain the rest of yourself all over my chest, looking as though you had reached another climax by simply performing this act. You feel so naughty and you press your breasts onto my chest and kiss me, now positioning my cock to enter your piss-soaked pussy.

I notice how wet your pussy is and my cock glides in and out of you in easy motions. You stop your rocking on me and I drive in and out of you, fast and hard, bringing you to another intense orgasm. You collapse on top of me but only for a moment. "It's your turn, and I want to taste you" you say and you move yourself into a cock-sucking position. Alternating hand with mouth you caress my member and I throw my head back in sheer pleasure. Now I see my entire cock disappear in your mouth as you deep throat me. This is too much, and I let go with my own orgasm, shooting cum into your mouth and onto your sweet lips. Gently and slowly you continue to stroke me, grasping and squeezing drops out of the head of my cock.

We relax and chat on the bed before going back to the bathroom. Now we shower for real, lathering and rinsing one another off.

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